Airbus MCDU Aid

Airbus MCDU Aid 1.0

Simulates flight plan preparation for Airbus aircraft
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Vitanet Solutions Ltd

Train and learn the basics and details of flight plan management by running the simulation of the Airbus MCDU, ND and Nav Control panel. It replicates the way in which Airbus A319, A320, A321, A330 and A340 aircraft process flight plans and navigate according to them. Real-time modification of input data is possible.

The Vital Simulation Airbus MCDU Aid is designed to be an introduction to the Airbus FMGS and MCDU, it will introduce the user to the way in which Airbus A319,A320,A321,A330 and A340 aircraft have their flight plans entered, and navigated.
The Airbus MCDU Aid is a Microsoft Windows dialog application that requires nothing more than a normal Windows PC or laptop. No need to run any other flight simulation. This is an all in one MCDU simulation.
The Airbus MCDU Aid runs in a near real time manner closely simulating the performance of a real Airbus MCDU. It is designed to introduce the concepts of the Airbus MCDU and allow users to enter flight plans, simulate flying them and modify them on route. It is not a certified training aid, but does have considerable capability of demonstrating the use of the Airbus MCDU found in the Airbus FBW aircraft.

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